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New Beginnings

In September 2009, I opened Plan Ahead Events in Halifax, NS. As a member of a multinational team of agencies, I was happy to have the support of my peers and unlimited access to amazing experienced team members.

As my business developed into a niche market of helping construct and delivery meetings and conventions, my client base also moved in that direction. I have had the opportunity to work with incredible academic, association and medical groups. I have become an expert in managing the call for abstracts, designing poster sessions, lightning rounds, symposium and other specialized delivery for scientific abstracts. For non-academic and medical groups, we help them by detailing their objectives and designing the flow to achieve those objectives.

On October 1, 2017, I am re-branding my company to Strategic Meeting Designs. This brand is more specific to my core clients and our intention is to broaden our reach into the academic and medical meeting groups who need our level of expertise to deliver exceptional scientific content to their communities. We have the tools and expertise to help!

Thank you to all who have worked with us in the past and we look forward to helping even more groups produce and deliver exceptional meetings and conferences.

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